the BAD boots

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Big Audio Dynamite demos and unreleased Unreleased.

Big Audio Dynamite The Good the BAD and the Live.

The unreleased BAD II album, Entering A New Ride.

The ultimate collection of rareties, The BAD-files.

Big Audio Dynamite live @ :

Nightmoves, Glasgow, Scotland, 06.10.84
Sheffield Leadmill, 07.10.84
Bordeaux, France, 20.10.84

The International, Manchester, 22.11.85
Warehouse, Leeds, 24.11.85
Town & Country Club, London, 28.11.85

Porchester Hall, London, 06.02.86
The Fillmore West, San Fransisco, USA, 14.03.86
Montezuma Hall, San Diego, USA, 16.03.86
Liverpool State ballroom, Liverpool, 14.04.86
Tiffany’s Ballroom, Newcastle, 16.04.86
Rock City, Nottingham, 22.04.86
Empire Ballroom, London, 24.04.86
Top Rank Suite, Brighton, 12.11.86
Brixton Academy, London, 15.11.86
The 1018 Club, NYC, USA, 13.12.86

Irving Plaza, NYC, USA, 02.02.87
Irving Plaza, NYC, USA, 05.02.87
The International, Manchester, England, 26.02.87
Astoria, London, 03.03.87
Astoria, London, 04.03.87
Santa Cruz Catalyst, USA, 14.03.87
Irving Plaza, NYC, USA, 23.04.87
Chicago, USA, 02.05.87
Modena, Italy, 30.05.87
Sala Jacara, 14.07.87
Montpellier, France, 18.07.87
La Cigale, Paris, France, 30.10.87
Hibernian Club, London, 05.11.87
Brixton Academy, London, 18.12.87
Meltdown TV show ‘87

Milton Keynes Bowl, England, 19.06.88
St. Georges Hall, Bradford, 22.06.88
McGonagles, Dublin, Ireland, 08.07.88
Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland, 14.07.88

Riverside, Newcastle, 12.09.89
Hammerjacks, Baltimore, USA, 25.09.89
Town & Country Club, London, 31.10.89
Town & Country Club, London, 01.11.89
Town & Country Club, London, 02.11.89
Queen Hall, Bradford, 16.11.89
La Cigale, Paris, France, 28.11.89
Subterania, London, 19.12.89

B.A.D. II live @ :
Rolling Stone, Milano, Italy, 19.03.90
The Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland, 25.03.90
Alexandra Palace, London, 10.08.90

Festival Leysin, Switzerland, 16.06.91
Warehouse, Leeds, 15.08.91
Town & Country Club, London, 19.08.91
Sound Factory, NYC, USA, 27.09.91
Riviera Theatre, Chicago, USA, 05.10.91
The Palladium, NYC, USA, 28.10.91 Mick only.

Town & Country Club, London, 31.01.92
The Ritz, NYC, USA, 22.04.92
The Ritz, NYC, USA, 24.04.92
Reading Festival, England, ??.06.92
Palacio de la Deportes, Mexico City, Mexico, 24.11.92

Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan, 10.12.93

Modern Rock Live, London, 25.10.94
Sheperd’s Bush Empire, London, 20.11.94

Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, USA, 27.10.95
The Academy, NYC, USA, 08.11.95