and the CREDITZ goes out to

Greg, Nick and André to have the courage and decency to pay some interest in their fans... appreciated!

And in no particular order...

Tosh - for lyric contributions, info, and music.
Prof - for images, info and tons of music.
Douglas - for lyric contributions, images and music.
Some NY'er - for lyric contributions and disorientations, images, info and music.
Gazza - for lyric contributions.
TeddyB - for music, tons and tons of info!!!
Jason - for lyric contributions and loads of info!
Phil - for images, info and music.
Scotfree - for music and lyric contributions.
El Buc - for info and images.
S-D - for info and music.
Adam - for lyric contributions and info.
Sanjeev - for lyric contributions, info and music.
B.A. - for lyric contributions and for pissing me off, and putting me straight.
Emil - for music.
CG - for info.
Bazarboy - for music, pics and info.
David - for images and music.
P@D - for images.
Mathieu - for info.
Laxman - for music.
Spiff - for music.
Hate&Sure - for music.
JOSE - for music.
Jimmy- for live dates
Mags - for support, beer, whisky, cognac, music and info.

I bet there's someone out there who want to get on this list... send me a word and start earning the right to be listed amongst the "nice guys".