Album Title is a play on "P-Funk" (Parliament-Funkadelic).





"sat around smoking skunk..." = smoking pot





vitamin c = aka ascorbic acid; essential vitamin for metabolism, healing of wounds, healthy skin and bones, and boosting of immune system; naturally-occuring in citris fruits and green vegetables


zinc sulfate = used as a styptic (controls bleeding/hemorrhaging), among other things


vitamin a = essential to growth and for the prevention of night-blindness and resistance to infections; naturally-occuring in green & yellow vegetables


vitamin d = essential for normal formation of bones & teeth; naturally-occuring in fish-liver oils and milk


eyebright = holistic remedy; taken internally, said to relieve forms of eye discomfort


vitamin e = an antioxidant; naturally-occuring in cereals, eggs, butter and vegetable oils


vitamin b12 = essential for the nervous system and development of red blood cells; naturally-occuring in liver, milk, eggs, fish, etc.


vitamin b complex = group of "b" vitamins


Guarana elixir = guarana is a medicinal herb added to drinks, said to heighten alertness, brain functions, etc. a la gingko, ginseng, and the like


royal jelly = vitamin-packed glandular secretion from worker honeybees fed to larvae; said to boost energy, promote youthfull vitality, and reduce stress


Siberian ginseng = medicinal root said to heighten alertness and energy


green tea = said to reduce risks of cancer, hypertension, and strokes, and lower cholesterol


Aqua Libre [sic] = Aqualibra, a brand of mineral water


Purdey's = a brand of "smart" drink meant to heighten awareness and brain functions


Vitamin C is used to prolong and intensify the effects of LSD. - Ben





"psycho wing" = psychiatric ward of a hospital





References to the caning of an American teenager for vandalism in Singapore; overall an exploration of the main question that arises from this incident - what's is more appealing: a clean, safe city, or civil liberties?

"I saw a documentary on BBC2 called "Visions of Heaven & Hell" about Singapore. A lot of the narration was used in the song (..."there are no homeless, there are no poor") etc. "


The line "Disneyland with the death penalty" is (probably) William Gibson the author of Neuromancer, etc. He used the line in a Wired magazine article in 1993. It also sounds like his southern drawl, unfortunatetly I do not know the source of the sample. - Ben





Kurt Cobain = late singer/songwriter/guitarist for Nirvana

Edvard Munch "Scream" = The Norwegian Expressionist painter and his most famous work (aka "The Cry")