Entering A New Ride

The unreleased album that radioactive shelved and refused to release. A long story behind this one, but the short version is: First sessions where recorded right after the f-Punk sessions, and where refused. The band went back in studio and reworked the entire album, and still it got shelved. After some time it started circulating amongst the band as cd-r copies, and the band started to release the album as mp3 files through their web-site. However they never got through the entire album before they shut down the page and the band was history. Still this album has become available to most of the band's fans, through mp3 files and lossless flac/shn/wav files as torrents in addition to the cd-r's circulating. Anyway, here it is, complete, including the additional mixes and leftovers that was posted on the original BAD site as mp3's.

Man this is Dynamite
BAD and the night time ride
Sunday Best
Must be the Music 
Taking you to another dimension
Sound of the BAD
Cozy ten minutes
Get high 
Bang Ice Geezer
On The Ones And Twos
Nice & Easy

Additional "bonus tracks" (cd 2)
Go with the flow
Sound of the Joe
Man that is dynamite (remix)
Sunday Best (Christmas '99 mix)
Sunday Best (remix)
Sunday Best (extended remix)
Entering a new ride (mix)

FLAC's (5) of disc 1

01. Man this is Dynamite
02. BAD and the night time ride
03. Sunday Best
04. Must be the Music
05. Taking you to another dimension
06. Sound of the BAD
07. Cozy ten minutes
08. Get high
09. Bang Ice Geezer
10. On The Ones And Twos
11. Nice & Easy