The BAD-files

The BAD Files Vol. 1
The Bottom Line (UK Remix)
BAD (US Remix)
E=MC2 (Extended Remix)
This Is Big Audio Dynamite
Sudden Impact (Dust Head Mix)
Medicine Show (US Remix)
Címon Every Beatbox (Extended Vocal Version)
King Of The Ring (Unreleased)
Contact (12 Remix)
Rush (New York Club Mix)
The Globe (Studio 54 Mix)
Looking For A Song (Extended LP Version)
Anti- Fascist Pro- Creative See Yí In There

The BAD Files Vol. 2
V13 (Extended Remix)
Hollywood Boulevard (Club Mix)
Another One Rides The Bus
Just Play Music (Extended Remix)
Much Worse (Extended Mix)
Other 99 (Extended Mix)
What Happened To Eddie
Untitled Song#1 (Unreleased)
Rock With The Caveman
Looking For A Song (Zonka/Shapps Early Mix)
I Turned Out A Punk (Feeliní Lucky Mix)

The BAD Files Vol. 3
BAD Overture
Sightsee M.C.!
Mr. Walker Said (Alternate Version)
In Full Effect
Who Beats
Dragon Town (Out Of Phase (OOPS) Version)
2000 Shoes (Top Buzz)
If I Were John Carpenter
Free (Club Mix)
Rush (U.K. White Label)
The Globe (Dub Version)
Looking For A Song (Zonka/Shapps Adventures in Space Mix)
Sunday Best (12 Mix)

The BAD Files Vol. 4
Rush (New York 12 Mix)
City Lights (Full Length)
The Globe (12 Mix)
Looking For A Song (Dance/Vox Mix)
Mirror Man (Unreleased)
Long Island (Mick Jones)
No Ennino (Mick Jones)
I Turned Out A Punk (Live Fast, Live Fast Mix)
What About Love? (Extended Alternate Mix)
Saturday Night Inside
Vitamin C (Ska Mix)
Sunday Best (Christmas í99 Mix)

The BAD Files Vol. 5
BAD Rock City
This Is Big Audio Dynamite (Super 8 Mix)
The Big V
Hollywood Boulevard (Dub Mix)
Albert Einstein Meets The Human Beatbox
Untitled Instrumental#1 (Unreleased)
Ice Cool Killer
Rush (Club Instrumental)
Unknown Instrumental#2 (Unreleased)
The Globe (Instrumental)
Looking For A Song (Dance Instrumental)
I Turned Out A Punk (Live Fast, Live Fast Instrumental)
Sunday Best (Remix)

The BAD Files Vol. 6
A Party (Remix)
E=MC2 (70mm Widescreen Remix)
Sightsee M.C.! (West London)
Just Play Music (Club Mix)
Seven Years (Unreleased)
Contact (Club Mix)
James Brown (Remix)
Innocent Child (Ambient Mix)
Looking For A Song (Zonka/Shapps Remix)
Harrow Road (Ska Mix)
I Turned Out A Punk (U.S. Mix)
Man This Is Dynamite (Remix)
Nice & Easy (Remix)

The BAD Files Vol. 7
Medicine Show (U.K. Remix)
Just Play music (Extended Mix)
Rock Non Stop (All Night Long) (Alternate Version)
Contact (Clash Mix)
Free (LP Version)
The Globe (By The Orb)
I Donít Know (Full Length)
Sunday Best (Remix 2)
Go With The Flow

The BAD Files Vol. 8
Keep Off The Grass (Unreleased)
The Bottom Line (U.S. remix)
BAD (U.K. Remix)
Medicine Show (New York Mix)
Beatboxes At Dawn 
Sightsee M.C.! (Radio Cut)
Much Worse (Extended Mix No.2)
Untitled Song#1 (Alternate Vocals)
James Brown (D.J. Remix)
Kool Aid (British Version)
Rush (New York Instrumental)
Innocent Child (Ambient)
Looking For A Song (Radio Mix)
BAD In The Night Time Ride (Remix)

The BAD Files Xtra Disk 1
The bottom line (OOP stereo)
Albert Einstein meet the human beatbox (12" version)
V thirtheen (Big V vocal version)
Get Fresh (Theme tune)
James Brown (Prime cuts remix)
On one (OOPS stereo)
Been a long time (The Farm & Mick Jones)
Kool-Aid (OOPS stereo)
Good Morning Britain (MJ mix)
What's going on (Music Relief-inst. mix)
Looking for a song (Backing voc version)
Gotta try (Mono mix)
Mal Bicho (Los Fabulosos Cadillacs & Mick Jones)
My beatbox (Deejay Punk-Roc)-(BAD remix)
Sound of the Joe
Bajen Skank (BAD SS)
Vacker Varld (Magnus Carlsson & Mick Jones)
Gotta get myself fried (Rush remix by Fede)

The BAD Files Xtra Disk 2
Bonanza - Keep off the grass (live edit)
Wind me up - Poontang (live edit)
US Now (US North) (live edit)
James Pond (live edit)
She beast (demo)
Hall of flame (demo)
Dog in a satellite
Sightsee MC! (Tone 369 remix)
Treat me right (demo)
What can I do (Mick Jones)
When the rain would fall (Mick Jones)
46664 (Mick Jones)
Interaction (live edit)
Nation (live edit)
Strike (live edit)

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