The credits

Here's a little appreciation to everyone that has contributed in making these pages into what they are.

A big hug and thank you goes out to:
Reámann O`Gorman, Ciaran McLaughlin, Steve Mack and Sean O`Néill. Without you guys this wouldn't be what it is today!

And not to forget other true believers....

Andy Bassil - live dates, live recordings, loads of music, images, pints and info.
Steven Pittaway - live dates, info and reviews.
Jon Hunter - reviews.
Elaine Cusack - review.
Conor McGuire - live dates and info.
Steve Adams and the EJC crew - live dates, images and info
Rob Ross - loads of music, info and images.
Lee Pointon - images, loads of music and info.
Chris Bond - live dates, images and info.
Denzil Watson - images, info and reviews.
Matthew Yeatman - images and info.
Scott Neukam - reviews and stuff.
Joost Verweij - live dates and info.
Katharine Greaves - pics and music.
Andrew Langridge - info.
Tony Kenny - music, reviews, info and stuff.
Luna Lure - pics and stuff.
Tomoko - pics and stuff.
Keith - loads of info and stuff.
Jo - pictures.
Francois - music, pints and pictures.
Mary - pictures
Dave - pictures.
Liam - pictures.

If I've managed to leave out somebody (bet I have...), please let me know!