The TPE related news

The Petrols will appear at the All tomorrow’s parties “Nightmare Before Christmas” festival on December 4-6

Summer of 2009

Hotpress - That Petrol Emotion @ The Hot Press Chat Room - Electric Picnic 2008 on MUZU.

Official web page:

In case you haven't noticed, Ray, Ciaran and Steveare all on MySpace, with bio's and some new music. Go to the links page to check it out..

Remastered versions now available:

"Babble", "Final Flame" and "Fireproof".

"Babble" and "Fireproof" includes previously unreleased songs!

All three albums out on Universal Records, and they're available from Amazon.
Please drop by Amazon anyway, and write a personal review of all the recent releases, you'll be doing us all a favour!!!

To get hold of Anodyne/Marfa Light`s Tensor album, send a mail to Steve.

Watch this page for more info!